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Ms. Cheng devotes her current practice exclusively to mediations. However, below are summaries of her arbitrations in the past.


Employment | Race and National Origin Discrimination | Harassment | Retaliation

  • Arbitration of employee's complaint against restaurant alleging race and national origin discrimination and harassment, and retaliation for complaining.


Employment Discrimination | Statute of Limitations

  • Arbitration of summary judgment motion regarding statute of limitations under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.


Employment | Race Discrimination | Retaliation | Wrongful Termination


  • Arbitration of employee’s complaint against health care company alleging race discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination.


Employment | Sex Discrimination and Harassment | Retaliation | Failure to Accommodate | Wrongful Termination


  • Arbitration of employee’s complaint against technology company and its owners alleging sex discrimination and harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation for  opposing harassment and discrimination, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, and wrongful termination.  

California Lemon Law |  Consumer Disputes

  • Arbitration of multiple California Lemon Law cases with respect to buyers of vehicles as well as other consumer disputes.

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