• Counsel: "The appeals and cross appeals arose from a verdict after an 8-week jury trial. Everyone appealed everything. This was a very complex case. We already had three failed mediations with other mediators over the course of the five years the case was litigated. Once a verdict was obtained, neither my client nor I were very excited to settle anything. Prior to trial, the other side had drawn its 'line in the sand.' After we obtained a multi-million-dollar verdict, which was unanimous in most respects, my client and I did the same. The mediator was able to coax both of us into reconsidering our positions. Without her, this case almost certainly would have gone another 5 years."

  • Counsel: "Thank you for your superb efforts on this successful mediation.  I spoke to counsel for the defendants as well as for the plaintiffs the week prior to the mediation and all were very pessimistic re any type of settlement.  In fact, the reason the mediation was scheduled for only 3 hours was because the plaintiffs thought this was a wasted exercise and did not want to invest any further time or expense.  I spoke to the plaintiffs after the mediation and they thought your insightful evaluation was the key to the settlement.  As you may know,  we tried unsuccessfully for a year to settle this matter through a prior mediation and numerous private discussions.  I eagerly look forward to your assistance in future cases."  


  • Counsel: "I can’t thank you enough for all of your diligent hard work in this case, getting up to speed so fast, and making everyone, especially our client, feel heard.  I so appreciate your help in this case and am so grateful that we had the best possible mediator to settle such a tense case." 

  • Counsel: "You accomplished more in two hours than I was able to accomplish in the past 6 months.  Kudos to you, and for your dedication and empathy for my clients’ position."

  • Counsel: "Although she was kind of low key, she was able to put on the pressure that was necessary for us to understand that the best course of action was a resolution.  She was firm and convincing, yet she did not talk down to anyone."

  • Counsel: “Phyllis Cheng is an excellent mediator. We were most pleased with her professionalism and willingness to engage the parties through a number of difficult mediation sessions; her persistence paid off to the benefit of all.” 

  • Counsel: "You are a master!"

  • Counsel: "You're worth your weight in gold!"

  • Party: "Thank you so much for mediating this case.  You are calm, brilliant and inspiring, and you made an extremely difficult day doable."

  • Party: "When I was fired four years ago I was so devastated and in the four years that have passed nobody besides my family and closest friends has ever recognized the depth of the loss that I experienced until I met you.  Your opening remarks to me told us immediately that you understood the terrible thing that happened to me.  Thank you for doing your important job with such great care."

  • Pro Se Party: "The Mediator was very professional and as a self-represented party she spoke to me in layman's terms which allowed me to fully comprehend the mediation process. The Mediator's handling of the matter allowed me to process the legal issues (from the Defendants' perspective and from my perspective) with relative ease of understanding. As a result of the Mediator's legal expertise and patience, I agreed to settle the case completely. Without this particular Mediator, I honestly do not believe I would have settled this case. If involved in another case in the future then I would select the same Mediator without hesitation. Thank you so much, Mediator Cheng."

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