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  • Appeal by consumer challenging the trial court’s post-trial determination of bad faith prosecution and award of attorneys’ fees/costs to the defense. The consumer alleged that the auto dealership violated the Consumer Legal Remedies Act by charging him more than the MSRP sticker price and that he sued in good faith.The auto dealership alleged the consumer had buyer’s remorse, sued in bad faith, provided testimony that contradicted his complaint, and caused the dealership to expend resources in mounting a defense, which it won. Resolved following mediation.


  • Appeal by consumer challenging the trial court’s denial of class certification in an action against mattress store alleging unfair competition and unfair advertising of its mattress size and price matching offer. Mattress store alleged consumer lacked standing, her claim had no merit, she had kept and enjoyed the mattress she bought, and she had declined a full refund. Resolved by mediator’s proposal.


  • Appeal by subcontractor, an electrical business, challenging the trial court’s judgment in a mechanic’s lien action against a building contractor and a property owner on construction of a condominium complex. Subcontractor alleged both the contractor and owner failed to fully compensate it for services rendered. Contractor alleged owner failed to fully compensate it for its work.  Owner alleged contractor and subcontractor failed to complete the job and performed substandard work, creating delay, cost overruns and habitability problems.  Resolved by mediator’s proposal.

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